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      Corporate Advantages



      Creative Advantages

      In recent years, our company has taken efforts to carry out strategy of “developing company with science” and increasingly invested in technological innovation. Our company possesses technological research and development 团队 including 更多 than 40 technological-engineering intermediate and senior employees and 更多 than 200 skilled talents. Besides, our company possesses advanced high-performance computer, plotter, graphic workstation, and CAE analytical station for casting, and so on and adopted CAD/CAPP/PDM and three-dimensional technology. Our company continuously increases research and development level and forms complete system of research and development so as to ensure the global leading role of 产品介绍s to international advanced level and formulate the structure of serial 产品介绍s with “three hanging tongs and one slip” of 6,000 specifications. Based on competitive environment of international market and development direction of automatic wellhead, our company has accelerated promoting transformation and upgrade of 产品介绍s and successively developed new 产品介绍s with high-tech content over the years, such as pneumatic slip, power slip, pneumatic elevator, hydraulic elevator, automatic grouting application, pneumatic spinning wrench, and iron roughneck, which improved the level of 产品介绍s. Our company became the manufacturer with the most complete specifications and types of elevator, manual tong, slip, and bushing and the most international types of elevator in China. Our company participated in China Torch Program Projects and Jiangsu Provincial Torch (Spark) Program Projects. At present, our company possesses 42 national utility model patents, 2 national invention patents, 3 national key 产品介绍s, and 13 Jiangsu provincial high-tech 产品介绍s. Equipped with independent intellectual property of core technology, our company became the technology center of Jiangsu province, technological research center of petroleum machinery implements of Jiangsu province, and corporate postgraduate workstation of Jiangsu province, and corporate academician workstation of Jiangsu province.

      Brand Advantages

      In recent years, our company has vigorously implemented development strategy of “strengthening company with high quality” and established quality management committee charged by general engineer. In addition, our company established complete quality management system based on double standards of ISO9001, promoted quality management concept transforming from “meeting standard” to “satisfying customers” and management model transforming from “living up to system” to “pursuing excellence”. With all-round and multi-angle respects of management concept, management measures, management methods and techniques, our company carries out procedure inspection and examination on whole 产品介绍ion in-and-out factory including procurement of raw materials and out-sourcing purchased parts, and final inspection of 产品介绍 release based on drawing, technology, and document on technological standard and technology through keeping pace with times and increasingly innovation. Our company has invested a lot in test equipment and possessed 更多 than 40 implements for inspection and experiment and adopted advanced testing machines such as micro-control universal testing machine with 2,000 tons, large-scale magnetic p文章 flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultra-low temperature detector, spectrometer exported from Germany, three-coordinate measuring instrument, and methods such as metallographic and physical-chemical analysis so as to comprehensively improve quality of 产品介绍. The RT hoist tool is rewarded as the famous 产品介绍 of Jiangsu province and the industry.

      Scale Advantages

      With forty-year history of manufacturing petroleum machinery, our company has accumulated abundant experience in production, technology, and management. Our company possesses the largest production line covering 50,000 square meters for manual tong, elevator, link, slip, and bushing, production line for sand mold casting with resin sand technology and precision casting with silica sol with 30,000 square meters and annual output of 10,000 tons, heat-treatment production line with 3,000 square meters controlled by automatic computer, numerical controlled production line covering 1,500 square meters, and more than 700 manufacturing and detection machines, including more than 80 advanced high-tech implements, such as machining center, numerical controll machine, large-scale double housing planer, and micro-control universal testing machine with 2,000 tons. Our company owns the ability to deal with casting, heat-treatment, and machining.


      Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co ., LTD., engaged in oil drilling wellhead equipment research and development, 产品介绍ion and sales of major 产品介绍s as lifting equipment, card equipment and spinner. Is the earliest engaged in oil drilling wellhead equipment 产品介绍ion and sales of one of the enterprises, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry "top 50" enterprise, jiangsu province high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province academician workstation and provincial enterprise technology center.

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