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      Dear visitors,

      In order to have a pleasant journey, you need to know:

      I. operation time of the scenic spot: 08:00-17:00

      2. The scenic spot advocates civilized behavior. Please do not spit or throw garbage anywhere. It is forbidden to damage property, fight, pick quarrels and trouble, steal and other illegal and criminal ACTS.

      Please take care of the elderly, children and pregnant women.

      3. Please take care of your personal belongings during your visit. Any non-valuables that are inconvenient to take with you may be deposited in the cloakroom.

      Four, please pay attention to the safety warning, observe the order, do not climb, climb over the safety fence; Please do not enter the unopened scenic spots. Please do not play crowded, up and down the stone level, be careful.

      5. Do not bring inflammable, explosive and other dangerous 文章s into the scenic spot. No smoking in the scenic area. It is forbidden to barbecue, light bonfire, set off fireworks and other activities with open fire in non-designated areas of the scenic spot.

      Vi. Please protect the resources of the scenic spot. It is strictly prohibited to damage scenic spots, cultural relics and tourist facilities. Climbing flowers and trees is strictly prohibited; Harming or capturing wildlife is strictly prohibited; Fishing, swimming and other activities that damage water quality are strictly prohibited.

      7. Vehicles entering the scenic spot shall drive along the prescribed route, and shall consciously abide by the parking management regulations of the scenic spot and the dispatch and command of the scenic spot staff.

      Welcome to put forward your opinions and Suggestions on the tourism service of the scenic spot.

      Thank you for your cooperation!

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