At Blue Shield of California, your health is our top priority.
Get information on how and where to seek care and learn more about what your plan covers.  

Your coverage

Learn what your plan covers if you need testing or treatment for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

See Medi-Cal and Cal MediConnect coverage

See Medicare coverage

Getting care

We offer many different access-to-care options if you need medical advice or treatment. These include virtual healthcare and in-person options.

Prevention tips

Preventing the sp阅读 of COVID-19 and minimizing your risk are two ways to protect yourself. We’ve listed best practices you can follow to help everyone.

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5 tips for helping your kids adjust to physical distancing

Help your kids adjust to physical distancing with these 5 tips.

Staying well with telehealth

Stuck at 主页? Blue Shield of California helps you get access to medical advice over 邮箱, phone, and even video chat.

Get your prescriptions without leaving the house

Stay safe and skip a trip to the pharmacy.