Innovation is the source of enterprise development, and ingenuity is the vitality of it. Looking back on the past and forward to the future, we harvest the joy of success and build the future. TEDERIC Machinery (603289.SH) 2018 annual summary was successfully held today.


      Looking back 2018, we made breakthroughs in innovation and showed the strong development of TEDERIC


      After the first year of being listed, TEDERIC has developed and created brilliance with big efforts of all the staff of the company. Sales performance bucked the trend, technology research innovated and optimized, management system improved, production environment intelligently transformed, equipment manufacturing quality constructed and service system integrated.


      This year, you have seen a double-digit percentage increased in sales performance in a moderate economic situation.


      This year, you have seen multi-angle and multi-color, horizontal turntable, classic full-electric and other models have come into mass production.

      This year, you have seen systematic management of Ameba, SAP, corporate standards put into application.


      This year, you have seen the constant temperature workshop, intelligent electrical assembly line, FMS flexible processing system fully integrated.

      This year, you have seen low-key TEDERIC creating countless brilliance.

      Definitely, you also have seen these TEDERIC elites working hard at their positions.



      Looking forward to 2019, we are dedicated to creating TEDERIC that's global, intelligent and high-quality.

      On such a successful stage, TEDERIC will work with all its people to create greater success with strong self-confidence and enthusiasm, and will build our own TEDERIC dream with professionalism, dedication, and attitude to career.

      New year, new spirit, let's all look forward to "Innovation• Ingenuity" TEDERIC


      2019, we will strive for excellence with a new attitude, new policies, innovative management, leading everyone to a new era of TEDERIC.

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