Clamping unitInjection unitDriven systemController

      T: 1000kN-40000kN toggle unit

      i: double injection cylinder with 62cm³-67906cm³ injection volume 

      Hydraulic pump by servo motor

      Techmation & Keba

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      DT-i servo energy saving injection molding machine is basically the High rigidity double elbow five hinge clamping mechanism, equipped with balanced moving dual-cylinder and injection unit. After dozen years of R&D, improvement and accumulation of manufacturing experiences, this series has acquired great trust and admiral from domestic and overseas clients by its advanced design concept and reliable parts configuration. The clamping force of DT-i servo injection moulding machine range from 1000KN to 40000 KN, and injection size from 168cm³ to 67906cm³. DT-i IMM machine is a hydraulic injection molding machine that employs hydraulic cylinders to clamp together two halves of a mold at high pressure. Plastic substrate pellets are then melted, and the liquid is injected into the mold cavity. Once the plastic has cooled and hardened, the mold halves are separated, the part is extracted, and the process is repeated. Hydraulic molding is a popular choice for the automotive industry, which requires the production of large, heavy parts such as bumpers. Compared with electric machines, the hydraulic injection molding machine has greater clamp force for large parts, better injection rates and ejection capability. Tederic is a top hydraulic moulding machine manufacturer in China, who offers various hydraulic imm machines including DT-i, DT-M(F), DT-JI, DT-JII, DH-i series, etc.



      Modularized design, to provide customers with wider choice on machine dimension.  



      Adapt double cylinder injection unit with liner guider, portability and less injection resistance.



      High rigidity clamping structure with T slot as standard, small deformation, integrated front toggle design. Comparatively lowering clamping force level, and with Longer machine service life.



      Non-Welding design on hydraulic circuits, reducing occurrence of oil leakage.



      • High molding precision: injection weight repeatability precision is up to 0.3% 

      • High repeat position precision: repeatability precision of mold opening and injection position within ± 0.5 mm. 

      • Whole machine energy-saving scheme: deploying of high-efficiency parts and energy saving-oriented design on mechatronics system.

      • Leading servo dynamic system: 30ms response, and to save 30%~80% energy compared to the traditional hydraulic system.

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