Having earned my PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, I have spent almost two decades exploring the application of drug delivery technologies with the aim of improving the lives of patients. I have split my professional career between start-up companies and well-established biopharma companies like AstraZeneca and Amgen.

At AstraZeneca I lead the drug delivery 团队 in BioPharmaceuticals Development, R&D. My role involves leading a 团队 of scientists to understand the needs of our evolving 文件夹 and developing drug delivery systems to address those challenges for our patients. Specifically, we explore technologies that target the delivery of medicines to the site of action and optimising their effective half-life.

I have generated 12 issued US patents and have also published a number of 文章s in high impact journals. For example, my graduate lab was among the first to generate and publish results of microneedle mediated drug delivery. This allowed me to be an early author in what has become a prolific area of transdermal research that has subsequently spawned thousands of publications, hundreds of patents, and multiple commercial programmes.

I regularly speak at leading conferences on industry trends, 产品介绍 development, and technology innovation.











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